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  1. The safety of an Electric Scooter is mainly dependent on the quality of its components, especially the choice of battery cells. At TNE, we independently source our own high-power battery cells that are vastly superior to those offered by the manufacturers. This not only gives you increased acceleration and higher potential sustained speed, but also makes the Wheel more responsive. These batteries provide an increased safety margin, while many other Wheels might cut out under similar riding conditions.
  2. Each TNE model has its own distinct limitations and capabilities. Before starting, the rider should familiarize him/herself with the product specifications which can give a guidance on each model’s capabilities. The owner should exercise caution, especially in the beginning, to understand the Wheel’s limits and potential.
  3. We have found that if accidents do happen, they typically take place with an inexperienced rider without adequate safety gear or understanding of the Wheel’s limits. We strongly recommend that, at a minimum, riders wear knee/elbow pads, wrist guards, and helmet.

A:all TNE electric scooter models have a lithium ion battery.Lithium ion batteries are known as batteries with high performance and loew environmental impact. The service life of lithium batteries is 3-5 times that of lead-acid batteries.

No, you should not. Avoid totally depleting your electric scooter battery before charging it again. Always make sure it is a minimum 10 % charged. If you charge your electric scooter’ battery regularly and do not leave it discharged for a long time, it will help you a lot to prolong its life.

Always make sure the battery of your TNE electric scooter is minimum 10 % charged. It is recommendable to charge the battery of the electric scooter at 30-70% of the total capacity of the battery. Avoid totally depleting your electric scooter’s battery to a zero charge before charging. You can charge your electric scooter straight after a short ride. If you had a long ride, give it about 30 minutes to cool down and then charge it. Do not leave your electric scooter with a significantly discharged battery for a few hours. Charge it promptly. When you store your electric scooter for a long period, make sure the battery is at least 40-50 % charged. It is advisable to charge your electric scooter minimum once per 30 days. Leaving your electric scooter for about 3 months without charge will cause battery damage.

There is a light indicator on the charger of your electric scooter. When the battery is fully charged the light turns green (from red or yellow). You can also check the level of the battery charge on the battery charge indicator on the LCD display or check the real-time voltage of your electric scooter battery:

Battery Lowest Voltage Highest Voltage

24V 19V 29.2V

36V 27V 42V

48V 37V 54.6V

The real-time voltage of your battery is displayed in the multi-indicator area of the LCD display.

Yes, the electric scooter comes with a 1-year warranty that includes coverage for the battery pack. A detailed description of the warranty can be found on our Warranty and Returns page and precludes instances where there is evidence of abuse or signs of immersion in water. Please note that if you encounter an issue that is not covered by the warranty, you may still access our repair service and pay to have your TNE repaired.

A: TNE gives agent partners full product after-sales services. This includes:
-TNE team will provide all training materials and related video materials to the collaborators, including technical support for all product features and e-scooter parameters.
– If there is a problem with product quality, TNE will give the fastest support, such as product replacement, replacement accessories, technical guidance, etc.
– TNE factory will provide a certain amount of replacement parts for each order placed by the bulk order agent.

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